Axesullied – The Mountain of Fathers: Part 1

Here we are. You and me. In this moment. Time to beard the fuck on.

That’s right kids; time for some Dwarf Fortress fun and Fun (you’ll come to dread that distinction)!

Short summary of the game: Dwarf Fortress is a ASCII based game with two modes taking place in persistent user-generated, simulated, worlds. Adventure Mode, in where you control a single adventurer and Fortress Mode in where you create and maintain a settlement starting with seven (un)lucky dwarves. These nuggets of text will focus on the Fortress Mode and we will, together, try and make our settlement thrive, prosper and not end up in maniacal manslaughter (happens more often than you think).

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There There, It Only Stings A Bit

Another day, another five hundred words, another rejected job search.

Did you know that if you have spent, basically, your whole (short) life studying and achieving only mediocre stats, as it were, then you aren’t high on the list for hot prospects in the general vicinity of the job market? I had. No. Freaking. Idea. Really.

Wait. Does sarcasm count as a disability? The more important question, I guess, is: Can I get money for it? Please? It’s very severe.

I’m sounding so bitter for some reason. I’m going to sit down with Dwarf Fortress while  Miracle of Sound, and a sprinkle of The World Is Saved, is playing in the background. Dr. Doctor did recommend a remedy of tantrum-raging, booze driven dwarves this evening.