Into The Fray Or Collapse Into Clay!

It’s rare, I know, but sometimes I give this place attention. Such a day is upon us, dear scalywags and lollygaggers!

While I decided – after a few moments consulting my work schedule, the games coming out this month and my general underlying apathy against imaginary and pushy deadlines – not to participate in NaNoWriMo (Nannies Nocturnally Wringing Monkies) I’m still allowed to write stuff! And wrangle that monkey that keep staring at me.

Nuh uh!

You shut up, yes I can. And I decided my lovely Scavenger Kareza needed some more lovin’ , out there in the hot and sweaty desert waste!

Really trying to sell it as erotic fan fiction aren’t you?

Uh… uhm… I don’t- I don’t know what you’re saying ha ha ha that’s not, how very silly ha ha! Ehhhrum. Anyway.

Swoosh. You know the drill; pretty much a rough draft without any fancy formatting; I’m not going to go around polishing stuff I will probably redo later.

He’s too busy polishing his…

Be quiet you. Enjoy or not; care I if mind! CLICK MORE TO KNOW MORE!

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