Axesullied – The Mountain of Fathers: Part 2

Being dwarves, they decided to be make it cumbersome.

Oh, hey, didn’t see you there. What am I talking about? Oh, just about our drunken and merry band of seven dwarves who, after careful and constructive round-table discussions, came to the brilliant conclusion that parking all their life-important supplies on the slopes of a volcano was their most brilliant idea ever, even better than magma-toast (stir five goblins in magma-pot, add yeast).

So barring any magma-baths this early on; we’ll set our foundation.

Being not that much smarter than your common household kobold I give the dwarves designations to strike the mountain… on the other side of the mountain. I’ll let a picture from the 3D Visualizer Stonesense speak for itself.

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