Axesullied – The Mountain of Fathers: Part 1

Here we are. You and me. In this moment. Time to beard the fuck on.

That’s right kids; time for some Dwarf Fortress fun and Fun (you’ll come to dread that distinction)!

Short summary of the game: Dwarf Fortress is a ASCII based game with two modes taking place in persistent user-generated, simulated, worlds. Adventure Mode, in where you control a single adventurer and Fortress Mode in where you create and maintain a settlement starting with seven (un)lucky dwarves. These nuggets of text will focus on the Fortress Mode and we will, together, try and make our settlement thrive, prosper and not end up in maniacal manslaughter (happens more often than you think).

The game is completely free and is being developed by Tarn Adams and his brother Zach, though they accept donations. I highly suggest you try it out yourself; but beware: the learning curve is universally seen as insurmountably steep for beginners and only a few can distill it in a comprehensive soup. I can only speak from experience but it was well worth learning all the ropes. I might have sunk about three hundred hours on it since I found it and I’m still learning and having fun!

Check out the wiki for further information or why not check out the development blog and the official forum

I’ll be using a modded version. The mod is called Genesis Mod and is being maintained by Deon. It adds some variety and difficulty to the standard game without bogging it down with excess garbage or overhauling. Anyway!

I’ll try and avoid long blocks of text trying to explain the different actions or phrases, rather; I’ll link to the appropriate wiki entry which you can peruse at your leisure.

This first post will delve in the creation of the world, our settlement and our first seven dwarves. Later episodes will actually have content as we go through the dangers of settling in unknown and hostile territory.


Here’s the world I generated for this little adventure.

Anenu Quico, the Planet of Cyclones – a young world of unknown fate. We start in the year of 531, in a Age of Legends where ungodly beasts of immense power and mythical heroes roamed the world striking fear or awe in all the sentient races. Empires had arisen, and fallen, in the blink of an eye. The demons of the depth had not yet found their way to the surface, undead terrorized the land led by their malicious master and the wilds are still unruly with hungry beasts. A ripe time for seven fateful dwarves to make their note in this violent history.

Now to pick the site of our future settlement. At the slopes of a dormant volcano we find a pleasant site; abundant wood and vegetation and the aforementioned volcano which will ease our smelter and smiting production tenfold (no need for fuel).

Below follows a short name sheet for our starting seven dwarves. Click on name for the full description!

Deduk Shorastnazush, Jade Clan – Expedition Leader, Carpenter
Competent Leader and Carpenter with adequate knowledge of the nuances of trading
She is calm, aware and has a sense of duty  yet unhelpful, easily stressed and dislikes authoritativeness. Hates flies.
(even though she is the leader of this band) 
Litast Katkol, Stone Clan – Miner
Proficient Miner with some knowledge in architecture, milling, lye and soap making and threshing
He is a down to earth, self-disciplined lover of routines who won’t stop to think about his actions before doing whatever he wants. Loves the swill from rockshards.
Meng Shovethiden, Shield Clan – Mason
Proficient Mason and Competent Lumberjack, with skill in wood burning
A energetic safe-better, he is compassionate and strives for excellence yet easily stressed. Thinks Giant Lynxes are seriously cute because of their ear tufts.
Ral Dolushvucar, Steel Clan – Swordsdwarf/Animal Trainer
Competent soldier, focused on the sword with some minor knowledge in animal training.
Very calm yet quick to anger; he takes risks for the thrills willingly for that rare feeling of happiness. He points and shakes his finger when he’s angry.
Dumat Kengmeng, Obsidian Clan – Smith
Competent in all the areas of smithing with minor knowledge in butchery and leatherworking
Very active, yet overindulgent he is very sincere in his dealing with fellow dwarves and loves to try new things. He has very bad intuition.
Obok Olinathel, Moss Clan – Farmer
Competent Grower with skill in brewing and cooking and knowledge in how to operate a furnace
Unassertive and hates to compromise, he lives a spartan lifestyle and always strives to excel without the help from others. He loves waterfalls.
Tekkud Rakustrur, Moss Clan- Doctor
Competent Doctor in all medical procedures with skill in mining
Very friendly with a sense of duty he rarely goes out of his way to help others, which might work against him as a Doctor. His very long beard is neatly combed.
All seven demands booze to get by. Standard protocol for the dwarven race.

 Now let’s see where they ended up in our new locale…

Really? You thought it would be a good idea to stop your several tonnes heavy wagon on the slopes of a volcano?

I have a bad feeling about this.

Next time: We lay the foundation of Axesullied! And Ral will most likely punch someone.

Part 2 –>


2 thoughts on “Axesullied – The Mountain of Fathers: Part 1

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