Somewhere, someone is laughing manically

I swear; the word count keeps going down, no matter how many hours spent writing.

First look, okay, 3590, it’s a start. Time to put on a seriously intimidating game face and feel the burn (as it were). Two hours, or five interplanetary roundabouts around a crapteor by a space registered monkey suit, time for a second look. 4214. Surely that is a lie Google Doc? True, I did go back and fix some paragraphs and what nuts but you must be missing a couple of thousand words? No?

No matter, serious game face amplitude to twelve! YEAH!

Two hours later and I swear the answer I got from the Word Count button was “Neener neener you are big dodo eater!” with accompanying, and slightly disturbing, noises of flexible asses (the animals) being dragged through a old school print press!

In summary; my brain, it hurts.