Salutations. Greetings. Hello. Hi. Yo.

I'm sorry, did you want social acceptance?

This was me, trying to grow a beard. The toothpicks was included.


My name is Daniel and… well, I am grumpy, shy, introverted, cynical, spontaneous, boring, lovable and a generally nice guy with only slightly less insanity than a flying laser-guided hippopotamus with a desk job on the moon.

What? You can’t expect me to be consistent in this economy!

(I also love writing and would like to consider myself an actual author (successful or unsuccessful) in the future – but don’t tell anyone. Pinky curse?)

This blo…this blaaah… this blargh will not be updated regularly, just a heads up. I will put garbage on the page when I feel like putting garbage on the page. No more, no less. I’m still not opinionated enough to blast the Internet with topics ranging from the best computer software to the worst ‘seamstress’ on the street. So don’t you go expecting stuff. The howler monkeys can taste expectations.

And you don’t want to be the attention for those filthy buggers.

Where was I?


3 thoughts on “About

    • I… have no idea why. Not much to say? Lack of creative output recently? Plainly forgetting about this blargh after a few days? Instantly closing the tab when faced with the demand that I have remember the password to log in?

      Hm. I’ll get back to you on that ;)

      Thanks for sticking around though! I promise something stirring will happen on this desolate wasteland on this obscure piece of land someday in the near future! If not stirring, at least a light dusting.

  1. Maybe because you’re preoccupied now with your job or something. Anyways, yeah please do update because you’re such a quirky writer and what a waste of talent it would be if you stopped writing now

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