Drunken Ramblings of a Rambling Swede

Friday, eve of Saturday, and after a jolly Irish time in a Irish pub drinking irssafh…isari…irsah…irsh… Irish cider; no wait – it was Swedish cider, and I’ve managed to find my way home. Admittedly the fact that the taxi stopped right at my doorstep might make that accomplishment less of a… accomplishment, per say, but no matter! Hom, slightly tipsy and talkative. That’s the only thing important. Currenclty. Perhaps.

Really? You are in Ireland, and you’re drinking cider? Really? Really really?

It’s not my fault okay! I just can’t stomach beer, regardless of brand. It’s a preexisting condition! Don’t jtudge me!

Anyway; drunk blarghing. Less see; topic topic topic for this brand spanking new installment of what I will now and forever call… FRIDAY FRISPASTPTAS! Wait what? What the Hades is a frispastptas? I know, it’s the residue you get from seven year old sliced turkey, in a bowl of coagulated buffalo walnuts! That sounds about right.

You’ll regret writing all this when you¨ve sobered up, you know that right?

 Most likely yes, but then again; no one will see this! So, hah! I tap my obscurity card and deal 15 poison damage!

So brave.

 Wjhere was I? I right. Words.

Dwarf Fortress. One of the most amazing… uhm… what the hell is the genre called. “Dwarf Fortress mode is considered a construction and management simulation game. This entails that few goals are to be imposed upon the player by the programming.”

Thuere. That. Whatever that is. It was taken direclty from the magmawiki of Dwarf Fortress. I didn’t read it before copying it; because we’re doing this live! Wooh! Most amazing game of that. I blame Dwarf Fortress for many of my shortcomings. So many days have I been intertwined in the complexities of that game, the imaginative ruckus, the complex insanity of that game. Whenever I try and sell my few but dear friends on this marvoulous example of human obsession I fall short. It’s a… difficult sell in the best of times, but when you have gotten invested in it? Oh my Buddha/Jesus/Shiva it’s an amazing timesink, timeless. You have to play it yourself but the problem is that the learning curve is so steep that Neil Armstrong had to sidestepp the curve when it passed the moon, back in time! That’s steep.

Nevertheless I absolouty adore this game. It took me many hours of hour of wiki-browsing while playing to fully understand the game (still haven’t learned the more complex piping) but I know that it’s almost unconcivelb… unconvievbel… impossible for others. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it. It’s really not everyone’s cup of brandy.

It’s free and available from http://dwarffortresswiki.org/index.php/Main_Page or from Tarn Adams (creator) webpage http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/. Probably will fix those links when I can actually see straight.

I JUST GOT AN AMAZIGN IDEA! I will make Dwarf Fortress a part of this blarghing and do entries on my current prematurely doomed fortresses at particular days (that is, when I feel like it) and see if I can tickle some peoples funny boens with it. Whatever. Laughing out loud. Less than three.

You are such a chav when you are drunk and alone. 



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