How I Did Not Became A Dragon

What ever should I do with you Mr Blargh. We always come back to this place, you and I. To this moment. Together, fates betwixt in the vortex of love.

Now kiss!

Schhhh, don’t spoil this moment. This is a beautiful reincarnation of a long forgotten shack in the ever expanding metropolisium of Internetia.

You’re a pretentious ass-hat and this is a sham, just like the last time.

Schhh, schhh, schhh, don’t say that; daddy’s got you. Schhh, schhh. That’s right. Daddy’s got you.


Damn. I creeped myself out there. Anyway. I should (for real-sis yo, brah) look into having some sort of activity in this blargh and not just fill it with posts about not posting any posts, before posting about not posting any posts about posting no posts becomes its livelihood. Did you catch that? I sure didn’t!

Reason for it to be such a dusty place? I’ve have been busy with my semi-new job, true, but the thing is: it’s the sort of job that you can, as soon as that clock hits 16:00, stop caring absolute fuck-all about when you’re not in the office. Ring ring, flip a table;that sort of thing. So that’s no excuse. With this in mind I can only proceed that train of thought with the factum el grande that I just suck at being consistent and interesting. Let’s be crass and fucking fix that shall we?

First off; I think I will hold off posting the story of our thrill-seeking scavenger Kareza until it is actually done. Bit too fragmented to just post a chapter now and then. Still writing on it though and the schoot-za is about to hit the spoot-za, if you know what I mean!

Second on; I will not proclaim to suddenly follow a rigid schedule such like:

  • Monday: Lick a Popsicle
  • Tuesday: Post picture about licked Popsicle
  • Wednesday: Gaze on the visage of the moist Popsicle
  • Thursday: Kill a dragon
  • Friday: Buy a new Popsicle 

But I will try and have some common themes during specific days, like “This shooboza I found is funny! Check it brahmeister!” and “This is what  I wrote today! Please affirm my tender loins!”. Or not. Who knows? I’m making no promises as of yet, and neither should you, lone visitor.

Just raise your fist and forget about decisions! (great song and oh my the visuals)

Until then; ride the unicorn of laserdeath! BYYAAH!

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