Undecided Monkey Business

When you haven’t got the inclination, or even the funds, to purchase some sort of design freedom from WordPress you are confined within the available and free themes.

I changed theme again because it was annoying for the eyes to read long text in the last one. Maybe this one will feel better. If not then I will throw this one in the pile I hereby like to call Thematical Dung Heap Of The Youthful Generation But Not Really Youthful Because I’m Sure It’s Being Used By People Or Personages Of An Statistical Higher Age And Health. Or T.D.H.O.T.Y.G.B.N.Y.B.I.S.I.B.U.B.P.O.P.O.A.S.H.A.A.H for short.

Yes, sometimes I even groan at myself.

Take a picture of a pink and square bird with one wing and chicken feet for your pain.

Evolution puked

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